Noxcrew launches new event tracker for Minecraft Championship series

Easily keep up with all of the scores and streamers throughout the event.

Image via Noxcrew

Noxcrew’s Minecraft Championship is back and bigger than ever, with a new live service that will let viewers easily track the scores for the event and access every individual competitor’s point of view.

MCC Live is launching just ahead of MCC 14, which will kick off the second season of the series on May 29. 

One of the toughest parts to follow in the previous season of MCC was the various scores for each team, since none of the players had the scores listed on their individual streams and the main broadcast was the only one to fully show a leaderboard. The website fixes this by listing every team and the creators that are competing, with scores live updated during each round. 

Not only that, every player has a direct link to their individual stream, whether on Twitch or YouTube. This will allow anyone who doesn’t simply want to watch MCC through the lens of their favorite content creator to bounce around to any of the 40 streamers or the main Noxcrew broadcast. 

MCC Live is available through its own web portal that links out to every competitor’s channel of choice and more details about the event itself via the official Noxcrew website. Noxcrew will also continue adding to the service moving forward with this return to Minecraft competitions.