All the details about the Minecraft MC Championships (MCC) 14, Season 2

Guess who's back?

Screengrab via Noxcrew

After the end of Minecraft Monday, Noxcrew’s Minecraft Championship became the top event to look forward to within the scene. The event became a monthly tradition that featured some of the most popular Minecraft content creators battling against each other in a short time.

By re-assembling all the teams in between events, the level of competition in MCC kept on increasing, but the organization decided to take a break in December 2020. Promising to fix bugs and recharge in the process, the time off since the last MCC event may have felt like an eternity to the diehard fans of the event.

After a long wait, Noxcrew finally announced the start date of MCC’s second season. Season two of MCC will kick off on May 29.

Noxcrew hasn’t released any new information regarding the format, but most changes should be about the games. There are a few new maps that challengers will step foot for the first time and some of the most liked maps will also be making a comeback.

Like previous events, the rosters will be announced on MCC’s Twitter account prior to the event. While the admin stream will be the prime destination of the fans looking to stay on top of the competition by observing all the teams, you’ll also be able to tune into the event from other content creators’ streams.

Though the MCC is invite-based, there has been one instance where the organizers ran a video event for the community where winners got to participate in the MCC. Fans looking for a chance to compete in the MCC should keep their eyes on the event’s social media accounts for further details.

If you’re just starting to catch up with the MCC universe, you can check out the previous champions here. There were a total of 13 events in the first season of MCC, and if history is any indication, fans may have an action-filled Minecraft year ahead of them with the start of the second season.