Tencent disqualifies 9 more teams from the PMCO 2021 Spring Split

They were disqualified for different reasons.

Image via Tencent

Nine more squads have been disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 Spring Split, PUBG Mobile Esports announced today. This comes after four teams were disqualified last week.

Right now, the group stages of the PMCO 2021 are going on for different regions. In each region, 32 teams are competing. The top teams from the PMCOs will qualify for the Pro Leagues (PMPL).

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The nine teams were disqualified from three different regions for varying reasons.

PMCO Wildcard South Asia

Five teams were disqualified for not fulfilling the residential requirement. These teams were The Rusher, The Smokers, MPGXEsports, KOF97, and K9999.

PMCO Pakistan

Two teams were disqualified from the Pakistan PMCO. Fyme Esports were removed from the competition for “participation in two or more regions as the same player/team.” KODXROG were disqualified because a player or the team didn’t meet a residential requirement, according to PUBG Mobile Esports.

PMCO Bangladesh

Two teams in the Bangladesh PMCO, ARS Sinisters and CNC GenocideX, were found to be using unauthorized third-party software and have been subsequently disqualified.

These teams won’t be replaced in their respective PMCOs. The competition will continue with fewer teams. The group stages are scheduled to conclude tomorrow with the top 16 squads advancing to the regional finals.

Tencent has significantly expanded PUBG Mobile’s esports ecosystem in 2021. It has a total prize pool of $14 million with several new Pro League and Club Opens being added. At the end of the year, the Global Championship will take place to crown a world champion.