Streamer MajesticUnicorn arrested for abusing her child on stream | Dot Esports

Streamer MajesticUnicorn arrested for abusing her child on stream

Her channel has been removed from Twitch and she's been charged.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite streamer MajesticUnicorn (TTV_MajesticUnicorn on Twitch) has been arrested by Calgary police for allegedly abusing a baby on her Twitch stream on Dec. 16, according to Canada’s CTV News.

The clip came to light when a Twitter user tagged Twitch in a tweet asking if child abuse went against the platform's terms of service. The tweet says that the streamer was doing an eight-hour Fortnite marathon when the abuse occurred.

The streamer can be seen on video hitting the infant while the child was trying to get her attention. She also can be heard yelling at the child when it appears to grab something. She yelled several times for the child to “let go.” She's also seen in the video throwing the child on the bed and seemingly biting the child’s arm. 

The streamer originally tweeted that someone “has too much time on their hands” because they were “being rude to people.” At the moment, the Twitter account for the streamer has been deleted. 

The police have said that they're aware of the clip and are investigating the situation. The woman on stream has been arrested and charged by the Calgary police. 

The video has been removed from Twitch and the channel has been taken down.

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