Fortnite streamer accused of biting and hitting a child on stream

Twitch has since removed the account of the streamer.

Image via Twitch

A female streamer who goes by the alias “TTV_MajesticUnicorn” has been accused of child abuse after she appeared to hit a small infant and bite their arm while playing Fortnite in a clip posted last night.

The child continuously attempted to get the streamer’s attention but was pushed away. At one point, the child can be seen taking an item from the streamer. In response, the streamer yells “let go” before she hits the infant twice, telling the child to let go once more, bringing the child to tears. At the end of the clip, the streamer can be seen cradling the child before throwing them back on the bed.
Viewer discretion is advised. 

In a now-deleted tweet, the streamer lashed back at others for criticizing her. “Someone has too much time on their hands and go around being rude to people that she doesn’t even know,” the streamer said. 

Twitch has since removed the account of the streamer. This could be because she was banned for breaking the community guidelines relating to violence and illegal activity. But she also could’ve deleted the account herself due to public backlash.

Nearly a year ago, Australian streamer MrDeadMoth was accused of assaulting his wife while playing Fortnite. Moth was arrested but charges weren’t filed. He was permanently banned from Twitch after an outcry from the gaming community called for his account to be removed.