Shroud encounters VALORANT bug that allows him to see an enemy on map

The bug lasted until the end of the round.

Screengrab via shroud

During a recent stream, Shroud encountered a unique bug on VALORANT that allowed him to track his enemy on the minimap for the remainder of the round.

As he was defending C site on the map Haven, he peaked down the long path for vision. It turns out that move provided much more intel than he anticipated.

After being fired at multiple times, Shroud hid behind a box and noticed that he could see his enemy’s location on the map as he began rotating through mid to gain access to the site.

Shroud appeared familiar with the situation, “I’ve got the bug,” the streamer said before repositioning himself to get behind the enemy.

Thanks to the bug, Shroud was able to follow the enemy onto the site before activating his ultimate as Yoru, forcing the enemy to stop planting and allowing Shroud’s team to win on time.

Following the team’s win, Shroud confirmed this wasn’t the first time he’d experienced the bug.

“That bug happens to me all the time,” Shroud said. “I don’t understand, it’s happened since this new update and it happens all the time.”

While it is not clear specifically what caused this to happen, many Reddit users theorize that it was caused by Shroud taking damage as he moved behind the structure. This may have caused the game to register vision on the enemy despite being behind cover.

As of now, VALORANT has not shared any information regarding a fix for the issue. According to Reddit, however, this bug is extremely difficult to replicate and in turn, can not easily be exploited.