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Review: Cloud 9 vs AHQ Worlds D1

I look over the match between or C9 and AHQ. The Article focuses on the major points and there is a video focusing more on the overall game for those looking for more in-depth content.


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End Game Stats

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More In-Depth Video (50:00)


The first point I want to mention is in Cloud 9’s pick oriented composition with the Veigar middle. Veigar stacks ability power very fast since he gains ap from killing minions (both lane and jungle) with Baleful Strike and for participating in champion kill(s). When he is able to farm he can hit high amounts of ability power before any other ap champion and what makes it even stronger is that his Dark Matter and Primordial Burst have 100 percent ability power scaling so stacking high amount of ability power can lead to Veigar nuking multiple people after level 11. Event Horizon or “The Cage” also serves as strong area control since the edges of the cage stun enemies that touch it and it can used to block off jungle paths or to trap people inside. Enemies that get caught in the cage get forced to use abilities, item actives, summoner spells to escape it. Veigar’s biggest weakness is that assassin like Fizz can jump on him since his cage is not an immediate stun so he has to be careful about his positioning.

For AHQ’s composition their Darius pick is questionable because it doesn’t fit AHQ’s pick style. Darius has a large amount of sustain and damage but his biggest weakness is that he is kite-able since there is no engage from AHQ to lock anyone down for Darius. Darius ends up getting kitted throughout the match because the team has no engage to help Darius get onto someone or get into the middle of a fight. Darius just ends up becoming a meat shield because of the lack of engage and is nearly useless.

In Game

There were only two really major events that swung this game both coming from solid vision control and rotations from Cloud 9.

The first event is a kill on Kalista at the red side first tier tower in the middle lane a little after 14 minutes where she gets trapped inside Veigar’s Event Horizon. When Kalista gets trapped C9 had Lee Sin, Tristana, and Morgana all rotating middle for the first tier tower. This leads into a Dark Binding landing onto Kalista and being burst killed by four members of Cloud 9. That kill gives them and first tier tower and it leads into a second tier tower as well because on Braum was there to defend the second tier middle tower. Braum makes the bad decision of trying to defend the second tier solo but it does save the second tier tower. C9 backs off after killing Braum but the second tier is left will only a small chunk of health and is destroyed a few minutes later.

The second event is a fight Cloud 9 took around 20 minutes where Gangplank gets solo’d by Fizz at the blue side second tier bot tower and around the same time Darius gets caught out by the rest of the C9 team in the middle lane. The fight goes in C9’s favor because four C9 members are grouped together while AHQ is separated. Darius is in the middle lane, Kalista and Braum are in the bot side river, Rengar is at the raptor camp, and Fizz is bot lane. Ziv gets kicked into the C9 team by Lee Sin into Morgana’s Dark Binding. Darius gets locked down that he gets killed rather quickly before he can heal. AHQ tries to take a 4v4 but Fizz had already used all of resources on Gangplank and Rengar gets Exhausted by Morgana when he tries to jump in to kill someone. Veigar and Morgana make effective use of their crowd control throughout the entire fight. Morgana gets three Dark Bindings that stop damage output from AHQ and zone off members over the course of the fight. Veigar uses his Event Horizon to zone off Kalista and Braum who are in the river and forces Fizz to jump into the C9 where he dies because he got trapped inside the cage. After Fizz dies Morgana lands another binding onto Rengar and kills him when he tries to reenter the fight. Kalista gets zoned off for so long that she ends up only being able to auto attack FOUR TIMES in an entire team fight.

After C9 gets these three kills onto Darius, Fizz, and Rengar they grab the baron which leads to a win roughly around 24 minutes where AHQ tried to desperation fight. There was absolutely no damage output for AHQ this entire game and it was absolutely ridiculous. Braum did more damage to champions than Rengar and almost beat out Darius. AHQ as a whole just played this match extremely poorly and it was rather disappointing. This game is worth watching just to watch how the snowball just happened kind of randomly and leads to quick victory for C9.

Small Author’s Note

I decided to experiment a bit more on how I do these reviews by focusing on major points of a game. This way I can keep the article open for those with little time that just want to know the major events and I can use my videos to go more in-depth on multiple points for those looking for more in-depth content. This article will be shorter than most of this new experimental style since the C9 vs AHQ game was about 24 minutes so don’t expect them to be this short.  If you have any feedback please send it to my twitter @NAiSoapy.

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