New World streamer server list: All popular servers in New World

So you know where to go... or where to avoid.

Image via Amazon Games

One of the staples of content creation in the MMO genre is interaction between streamers and their viewers in the open world.

With New World’s launch finally upon us, numerous high-profile streamers have come to a decision on what server and faction they want to play in the game, making some servers more popular than others.

For many, knowing that Asmongold is going to play on Olympus might be a reason to join the server, but for others, it could be a reason to find another server that might not have as much of a queue time.

While the game hasn’t been out for long, there are already a number of servers with sizable queue times, especially in AP Southeast and Europe.

You will quickly find that those servers with massive populations and queue times to get in are where many of the streamers reside.

For a full list of where different streamers are playing, or where they plan to play, you can go to This list can be filtered for region and popularity, and you can even search for specific streamers.

Here are some of the most populated servers so far: 

SA East

  • Atlantis

AP Southeast

  • Utopia
  • Yama
  • Zara

NA East

  • Valhalla
  • Morrow
  • Eden
  • Olympus

EU Central

  • Hellheim
  • Utgard
  • Styx
  • Kor
  • Ravenal
  • Annwyn
  • Ganzir
  • Hyperborea
  • Midgard

These lists will be updated as NA West servers go live and queue times in other regions grow.