Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22 to air on May 28

If you're missing MCC already, you're in luck because it will be back soon.

Image via Noxcrew

The next monthly installment of the Minecraft Championships (MCC) will take place near the end of May. Noxcrew revealed that the next installment will be MCC 22 and will air on May 28.

The official MCC Twitter page shared the announcement alongside a short video showcasing an MCC team completing a room in the teamwork-centric MCC game Grid Runners.

Since the team revealed that the next event is MCC 22, the next installment will run as a regular, canonical version of the tournament. Canon MCCs feature 10 balanced teams competing in a series of eight Minecraft mini-games. The two teams who accumulate the most coins then compete in a final Dodgebolt duel and whoever scores three wins against the opposing team first wins that installment of the tournament.

The 10 teams composed of four creators each competing in MCC 22 will also be revealed next week. The team reveal will take place over two days, with five teams being revealed each day on the official MCC Twitter account.

During the last MCC update video, the team also hinted that there might be an update on MCC Island, its upcoming public Minecraft server that will allow all members of the Minecraft community to play their favorite MCC games themselves, coming soon to those who signed up for the closed beta. MCC fans should keep their eyes out for further information as more MCC 22 news comes because more MCC Island information may be revealed in the MCC 22 update video.