Minecraft Championship (MCC) 21 to take place on April 30

Everyone's favorite Minecraft tournament is back again.

Image via Noxcrew

The Minecraft Championships (MCC) are now officially back on a regular schedule with MCC 21 set to run in April. MCC 21 will run toward the end of the month on April 30, Noxcrew announced today.

Noxcrew previously returned from a hiatus to run MCC 20 on March 26. MCC 21 will be the second event of the second half of this season of MCC.

The official MCC Twitter account shared a short video of various past MCC players in the Decision Dome to highlight this announcement.

MCC 21 will likely feature the same slightly altered map of season two that was used in MCC 20 and run the same games that MCC 20 did as well. The games that are actually played will be decided from a selection by the 10 teams who will vote in the Decision Dome for which games to play and in what order to play them.

The games currently running for this season are Ace Race, Battle Box, Big Sales at Build Mart, Grid Runners, Hole in the Wall, Parkour Tag, Sands of Time, Sky Battle, Survival Games, TGTTOSAWAF, Rocket Spleef Rush, and the grand finale Dodgebolt duel between the two top-performing teams. Out of these games, only nine will be chosen as options for the event and then eight will be actually played. A complete breakdown of the games and their scoring systems is available on the Noxcrew website.

The announcement by Noxcrew also revealed that the 10 teams, each made up of four content creators, participating in MCC 21 will be revealed next week. More information about MCC 21 will likely be revealed soon through the official MCC Twitter page.