This Overwatch fan film explores Mercy’s past

The unofficial short movie also features Widowmaker.

Today marks the end of Overwatch’s Uprising event, and it also saw the release of a short movie dedicated to the past of the game’s heroes.

“Heroes Never Die” is a fan film by Tennessee-based video production company Lupin Productions, and it stars Mercy, with an appearance by Widowmaker. Written and produced by Lupin Productions head Grayson Peters, the film has a runtime of about seven minutes.

This unofficial film dives into Mercy’s past to show her as a child and give some reasoning behind her most famous phrase, “Heroes never die.” It explores details about her father, and even more of the events that took place before the current timeline of Overwatch.

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Mercy’s official story on the Overwatch website explains that “her parents had been taken by war,” so this film takes that idea and runs with it. It’s just the latest example of a passionate fanbase making original content for a game that many fell in love with since its announcement.

While the film is unofficial and unrelated to Blizzard entirely, it begs the question of what a live-action Overwatch film or series would look like and how it would work. Until now, Blizzard has relied on animated shorts, digital comics, and in-game lore to tell the story of the universe.

Here’s hoping we see more fan projects like this and something even cooler from Blizzard down the line.

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