MC Championship 22: Live scores and game standings

Keep track of how the teams are doing in the tournament.

Image via Noxcrew

The 22nd installment of the MC Championship (MCC) takes place over the course of approximately two hours on May 28.

The Minecraft tournament features 10 teams composed of four creators each facing off in a series of eight mini-games. Squads will try and score enough coins to be one of the top two teams, who then face off in the grand finale, Dodgebolt duel, to claim the crown for that installment of the event.

Image via Noxcrew

For those wanting to keep track of how each team scores across the course of the event, here is a complete live breakdown of the scores updated as the event goes on. Fans can watch the competition on the Noxcrew Twitch channel, or from the point of view of participating streamers on their platforms of choice.

Meltdown Scores

The event kicked off with the first run of a new MCC game called Meltdown. Meltdown is an epic battle royale with frost bows, strategic gameplay, and intense combat.

Parkour Tag Scores

The second game chosen by the ten teams in the Decision Dome was Parkour Tag, which is a tag-centric game where one player from each team becomes the Hunter and tries to be the first to tag all members of the opposing team in a complex parkour arena.

Rocket Spleef Rush Scores

The third game of MCC 22 was Rocket Spleef Rush. The central goal of Rocket Spleef Rush is to stay alive as long as possible through fighting opponents and bouncing from platform to platform, all while soaring through the air with elytras and trying not to fall into the endless void below.

Hole in the Wall Scores

The complex, strategy-centric Hole in the Wall, which focuses on navigating puzzle walls and staying alive as long as possible, was chosen as the fourth game in MCC 22 by the 40 players voting in the Decision Dome.

Ace Race Scores

The fifth game in MCC 22, which came after a brief break and audience vote, was Ace Race. Ace Race is a three-lap race around a complex map where players must navigate obstacles while traversing the course as fast as possible.

Battle Box Scores

The sixth game of MCC 22 was the combat-centric game Battle Box. In Battle Box, two teams go head-to-head in each round, and must balance working together to eliminate the other team while also being the first team to capture the middle area by filling in their color of wool before their opponent does.

Sands of Time Scores

The seventh game to run during MCC 22 was Sands of Time. The dungeon game is one of the most dangerous and highest-scoring games in all of MCC. During Sands of Time, players must navigate a series of confusing tunnels, tricky puzzles, hidden secrets, and risky mobs while also ensuring they find sand to keep their sand timer full. Otherwise, they will lose all their coins and be stuck in the dungeon forever.


The eighth and final game to run during MCC 22 before the Dodgebolt duel was TGTTOSAWAF, also known as To Get to the Other Side (and Whack a Fan). This chaotic game takes place across six rounds on six unique maps, and features players being given different means to get to the other side as fast as possible. At the end of each map is a group of MCC fans from the community that players must whack to finalize their completion time for the round.

Coin results

The coin totals earned by the ten teams across the eight Minecraft mini-games and the final standings before the Dodgebolt finale duel are as follows.

Dodgebolt results

Every MCC event ends with an epic, head-to-head duel between the top two performing teams. The ultimate goal is to be the team that survives the longest in a small arena while successfully eliminating the entirety of the other team using only a bow and arrow three times.

The Dodgebolt duel came down to a showdown between the Pink Parrots and Red Rabbits, who were the top two scoring teams across the eight mini-games played during MCC 22.

The Pink Parrots secured ultimate victory with a score of 3-2 in the finale Dodgebolt duel.