How to get CoD: Mobile’s season one battle pass

A lot of exclusive rewards can be earned.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s first season of 2021 is here. As usual, “New Order” has introduced a new battle pass containing exclusive skins, a new weapon, soldiers, emotes, and more.

There are two variants of the battle pass: a free and a premium version. The free version is already unlocked for all players and contains significantly fewer rewards than the premium BP. The premium BP contains 50 tiers of rewards.

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Here's what you have to do to get the latest battle pass in CoD: Mobile.

How to get the premium battle pass in CoD: Mobile

Step one

  • Open Call of Duty: Mobile on your Android or iOS device.
  • Click on the Battle Pass option in the top right of the screen.
Screengrab via Activision

Step two

  • A new window will appear displaying all 50 tiers of rewards in this season’s battle pass.
  • Click on “Buy Premium Pass.”
Screengrab via Activision

Step three

  • There are two ways you can buy the premium Battle Pass. One of them is the normal Battle Pass. It costs 220 CP.
Screengrab via Activision
  • The other is the Battle Pass Bundle. Buying this will instantly unlock 12 tiers in the BP. There is also a 25 percent XP boost for Battle Pass bundle users.
Screengrab via Activision
  • The BP Bundle will also give players some extra rewards. These are:
    • Axe - Firewall
    • Charm Arcade Cabinet
    • Exe Frame
    • Dot Exe

Battle pass overview

Here are the highlights of Call of Duty: Mobile's season one battle pass.

Screengrab via Activision

Free battle pass

  • Chicom – Synapse (tier four)
  • Antelope A20 – Light Show (tier eight)
  • New Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – FR. 556 (tier 21)
  • HS2126 – Synapse (tier 31)
  • Charm – Bloodiest Diamond (tier 38)
  • Calling Card – Neon Horizon (tier 46)
  • M4 - Synapse (tier 50)

Premium battle pass

  • David Mason – Enforcer (tier one)
  • Cordite – Tech Noir (tier one)
  • Charm – Button Masher (tier one)
  • HBRa3 – Capacitor (tier 10)
  • FTL – Powerline (tier 12)
  • Emote – Drone Control (tier 15)
  • Locus – Carbon Cut (tier 20)
  • Prophet – Geist (tier 30)
  • HG 40 – Cybersick (tier 40)
  • Spectre – Chrome (tier 50)
  • FR .556 – Rogue Agent (tier 50)