Call of Duty: Mobile season one 2021 roadmap revealed

A lot of features are coming to the game throughout the season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile season one in 2021, New Order, has arrived.

The season has introduced the new Reclaim map, Blitz battle royale mode, Gravity Vortex Gun, and the FR .556 burst assault rifle to the game. However, there are still a lot more features players can look out for this season.

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Today, the company revealed the roadmap for New Order through a community update on Reddit. The season will last for about a month.

Season one 2021 roadmap

Here are the upcoming features to Call of Duty: Mobile in season one 2021.

Multiplayer Modes

Three-vs-three gunfight mode

  • It will release in early February.
  • The new mode is similar to the two-vs-two gunfight. Players have to fight to get to six rounds first and win the match.

Attack of the Undead 20

  • It will release in early February.
  • The Attack of the Undead mode is coming back to the game with some improvements. It now features 20 players.
  • In this mode, two players are randomly selected at the beginning of a match to become the Undead. They have to kill the survivors and turn them into the Undead.
  • The objective of the survivors is to stay alive.

Battle Royale

Desperado Class

  • The Desperado class will release in mid-February.
  • The class features allows players to deploy a shield turret to take down enemies.
  • It’s passive, on other hand, equips players with a pistol when they are knocked down by an enemy. Killing the enemy will give players the option to self-revive and return to the battlefield.

Seasonal Event

  • Every season, Call of Duty: Mobile releases a unique featured event offering a lot of amazing rewards.
  • The featured event for New Order is called Fight for Humanity.
  • It will begin in early February.

Seasonal Challenges

These weapons and skins will be available in the game through seasonal challenges.

  • SKS: Mid-February
  • Gas Grenade: Early February
  • GKS - Kitsune: Mid-February

Credit Store

  • UL736 with Solar Wind camo will release in mid-February.