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How to unlock the Ruin skin in Fortnite season 8

Only players with the premium Battle Pass can unlock it.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players have been introduced to the season eight Battle Pass skin, Ruin. This skin is a Legendary character outfit that’s part of the season’s Discovery challenges—and it has a challenge directly related to it.

The Ruin skin is tied to the season eight Fortnite Battle Pass. Players need to meet certain requirements in weekly challenges to finally unlock Ruin. Here’s how and when you can do it.

Requirements to unlock

A challenge in the Discovery set says players need to complete 55 weekly challenges throughout season eight to unlock a mystery item, which is the Ruin skin. Since season eight consists of 10 weeks of challenges, and each week comes with three free and four premium weekly challenges, players need to complete nearly eight full weeks of Battle Pass challenges to unlock Ruin.

Doing the math, players will notice that they can only unlock Ruin starting from week eight, which is set to begin on April 18. It’s impossible to unlock Ruin before that date. After that, players can complete any 55 weekly challenges to unlock Ruin, even if they haven’t completed a full set of challenges in season eight.

Players who haven’t bought the season eight Battle Pass and only have the free weekly challenges available can only complete up to 30 challenges throughout the season. That means they won’t be able to unlock Ruin at any point, even after all weekly challenges are available.

Players who complete 55 weekly challenges will unlock Ruin automatically. The skin will appear in their Locker and will be selectable from that point on. The skin is permanent and remains in players’ lockers even after season eight ends.


Ruin is a skin that’s exclusive to season eight. That means players have until the season eight end date, which is May 8, to complete 55 weekly challenges and unlock Ruin. After that date, no one else will be able to unlock Ruin. Epic rarely brings season-exclusive skins back to the game in new challenges or the Item Shop, so May 8 might be the last opportunity ever for players to unlock Ruin.