Everything new coming to Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode

The battle royale mode is getting much better.

Image via Activision

While Call of Duty: Mobile is primarily known for its multiplayer modes, the developers are adding some exciting features for its battle royale player base.

The latest public test build (beta) for the game, which is used by Activision to test out upcoming features, contained a lot of changes to the battle royale, including a new class and drop locations. Players of Call of Duty: Warzone will be familiar with many of these features. 

Here’s everything present in the battle royale mode of the public test build, which will be coming to the game in the near future.

New drop locations

Following a recent expansion to the game’s battle royale map, Isolated, the developers are filling up some empty locations with new drop zones. 

There are four such locations in the test build: Camp, Radar-Base, Outpost, and Dormitory. These are indicated on the map below:

Screengrab via Activision

Custom loadouts 

Players will now be able to set custom loadouts in CODM. These loadouts can be created in the new Gunsmith, which will be released next season. 

The Gunsmith allows players to make complex customizations to weapons and introduces a lot of new attachments to the game. These attachments have specific perks and drawbacks. Players can set them according to their playstyles. 

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In the public test build, players could set five loadouts for the battle royale mode. These loadouts can be equipped in the battle royale by using supply drops. Players can open the drops and select the loadout of their choice. 

New class: Hacker

Hacker is the newest class coming to the game. Players who equip this class will have the Ice Pick ability along with the Hard Wired passive. 

  • Ice Pick: Using the Ice Pick gadget will block the minimaps of all nearby enemies. These enemies will also not be able to use their gadgets. Additionally, any existing enemy gadgets within range will be destroyed.
  • Hard Wired: This enables the player’s radar in the minimap to not be susceptible to blockage due to enemy interference. Enemies will not be able to detect the player as well. 
Screengrab via Activision

Armor plates

Armor plates are coming to CoD: Mobile as well. The mechanic for this is different from Warzone, though. 

Players will still be able to equip vests of three different levels: one, two, and three. When these vests are damaged, players can use armor plates, which will fix them. Armor plates, just like vests, will be found scattered around the map. 

New intro animation

A new intro animation is being added to CODM’s battle royale mode. This is similar to the one present in Warzone

The animation begins with the front of the aircraft and zooms into the back. It then shows the latch opening as the player and their teammates prepare to dive into the battlefield. 

The names of different locations will be displayed over their respective places as the aircraft travels over the map. This is another addition to CODM from Warzone.  

Weapon mods

Each gun has an additional slot in the battle royale mode of the test build exclusively for mods. Mods can be found scattered around the map and will grant a specific perk to weapons. 

Some of these mods are: 

  • Dense Fire Mod: This reduces the spread of gunfire. 
  • Dead Silence Mod: When this is equipped, gunfire will not be visible on the enemies’ minimaps. 
  • Long Shot Mod: This increases the range of weapons.
  • Extend Mod: This will reduce the reload time of weapons and increase the ammo capacity as well.  

In the past, most of the features present in the public test build have come to the game in the next update. Thus, these additions to the battle royale mode will likely drop into the game with the next season. 

The ongoing eighth season of CODM, The Forge, will end on Aug. 5 at 7pm CT. The next update should drop around that time.