ESPN releases documentary detailing TimTheTatman’s first Fall Guys win

"Gimme the crown."

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TimTheTatman took Twitch and the internet by storm this summer when his chase for a win in Fall Guys led to the largest audience he’s ever had.

Following the game’s launch at the beginning of August, Tim spent more than a week struggling to win a crown in the game. And the more he failed, the more people wanted to watch and see if he’d ever get a win in Fall Guys.

While Tim eventually got a win, the miraculous nature of the feat combined with the story’s ups and downs led ESPN to make a documentary detailing the event.

In a 24-minute video on YouTube, ESPN talked to Tim, 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot, Fall Guys community director Oliver Hindle, and popular streamer Ninja, among others, to help fans relive Tim’s journey.

From Tim’s first game to his back-and-forth with the Fall Guys Twitter account, the short documentary relays all of the emotions of Tim’s gruelling quest to win one singular match of a party game made for children.

It may have been a few months ago that Tim set viewership records on Twitch for his repeated Fall Guys failures, but this video makes it feel like it was only yesterday that the hefty, tatted streamer was still looking for his first win.