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Dr Disrespect calls on Epic to reduce FaZe Jarvis’ ban from Fortnite

The Two-Time said Epic should lower the pro's ban during a livestream.

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Earlier in the week, Epic Games permanently banned FaZe Clan’s Jarvis Kaye from playing Fortnite after the pro player uploaded videos to his YouTube channel in which he used an aimbot in both solos and Playgrounds. But Dr Disrespect expressed what’s been a rather dissenting opinion across the Fortnite community during a recent livestream: Jarvis’ ban should be shortened.

“At first you read it you’re like ‘Jarvis used hacks’ and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘oh shit, get him out of here,’ you know?” Dr Disrespect said.

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Dr Disrespect goes on to express that he’s unaware of the minute details of Jarvis’ use of the aimbot or whether the hack was used in a live environment. But the Two-Time argues that Epic’s handling of the FaZe player’s use of the hacks contradicted earlier actions taken by the company after a player was caught cheating during the Fortnite World Cup.

Accusations against former Rise Nation player Damion “XXiF” C. alleged the pro teamed up with other competitors to farm kills during week three of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. After investigating the player’s actions, Epic banned XXiF from competing in the tournament’s finals and suspended him from playing Fortnite for only two weeks.

“[Jarvis is] basically using [the aimbot] not for competition, not to go out and bump up his KD or grind Champion’s league or a tournament—or any of that stuff,” Dr Disrespect said. “He’s using it for content on his YouTube channel to show something. Like maybe the hacking side of things, I don’t know.”

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Many have deemed a simple two-week ban for compromising the competitive integrity of a major tournament’s qualifier to be minuscule in comparison to Jarvis’ permaban for using an aimbot in Playgrounds and solos. Dr Disrespect seems to agree.

“I don’t get it,” Dr. Disrespect said. “If anything, Jarvis should just get a temporary ban—boom. One week, two weeks, whatever it is. And then bring him back in. He knows. He wasn’t using it for anything.”

Epic has remained steadfast in its ruling, however. Yesterday, an Epic spokesperson released an official comment about Jarvis’ permanent ban, saying that the company has a “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to software used to cheat or to gain an unfair advantage.