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Clix suspended from Twitch after playing with banned player on stream

This seems like an unfortunate chain of events for the Fortnite pro.

Image via Epic Games

Misfits Gaming’s Fortnite pro Cody “Clix” Conrod tweeted last night that he received a seven-day suspension from Twitch after playing with “Zayn” on his stream.

Zayn is permanently banned from streaming on Twitch due to his evasion of a stream suspension for another offense. And a player can’t be on stream with someone else who’s banned from the platform, according to Twitch’s rules.

Despite Clix taking precautions by muting Zayn and changing his nickname, the streaming service still deemed the offense severe enough to suspend Clix for a full week. This will be Clix’s first ban strike from the platform.

If the penalty remains a seven-day ban, Clix will be suspended until Nov. 18. He’ll miss out on the chance to stream week three of the Platform Solo Cup, in which he achieved third place in week two, and the third week of the Fortnite Champion Series on Nov. 17.

Zayn has affected the streams of other Fortnite pros, too. “Khanada” was also given a three-day suspension for the same offense earlier this month, although he mentioned that he had muted Zayn while he was streaming.

Clix’s harsher punishment might be because of the precedent set by Khanada. Meanwhile, Clix has vowed to fight the suspension and promised his fans that he’ll come back stronger than ever.