Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a new battle royale mode

The mode will release in the upcoming season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode is going to get a lot more exciting. Activision unveiled yesterday the Blitz BR mode, which features smaller circles and more intense action. It will release in season one 2021 of CoD: Mobile.

In this mode, the blue zone will have already shrunk to a small part of the Isolated map. Players have to land in this smaller area, scout for supplies and get the victory by taking out all enemies. The zone will also shrink much faster than it normally does, meaning matches are going to be fast-paced and shorter.

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Unlike the traditional battle royale mode which has 100 players, the Blitz will only contain 40 players.

Other than Blitz, another new mode is coming to CoD: Mobile in the upcoming season. This is the Attack of the Undead 20. It is an improved version of the mode which was first released into the game last year. It will contain 20 players.

Two new weapons and a map have also been confirmed to be coming in New Order. One of the weapons was revealed yesterday, and it is the FR .556 burst assault rifle. The other weapon could be a marksman rifle.

The new map, on the other hand, is a Call of Duty: Mobile exclusive. It is called Reclaim and is set in the marketplace of an abandoned city.