Asmongold has 3 big wishes for League of Legends MMO ahead of its release

The popular streamer offered a word of advice to the Riot devs.

Jinx from Legends of Runeterra.
Image via Riot Games

Asmongold, like many fans of the MMO genre, is eager to learn what Riot Games has in store for its upcoming League of Legends MMO.

On May 1, Greg Street, the executive producer of Riot’s MMO, asked his followers on Twitter what features players specifically didn’t want to see in the game. Asmongold, a high-profile Twitch streamer, answered with three big wishes. He doesn’t want to see character-specific progress, systems purposely flawed for the sake of future content, and backwards progression.

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The first wish on his list could have something to do with Lost Ark, which offers both character and account-specific progress. Asmongold played the game at the height of its popularity, garnering 10s of thousands of viewers on Twitch.

In Lost Ark, account-wide progress is used to speed up the progress of secondary characters, which is important considering it’s impossible to change classes in the game. In World of Warcraft, though, players are forced to start from square one again if they want to play a new role. The addition of account-wide progress in Riot’s MMO would make the leveling process more seamless, offering rewarding shortcuts to players.

Shroud, another popular Twitch streamer, also reacted to Street’s tweet, saying he didn’t want to see leveling in the upcoming MMO. Asmongold responded by saying leveling was important, but it should “have a purpose and move you towards a greater goal in the end game.”

It’s unclear if any of these suggestions will have an impact on the game’s development. Revealed in 2020 alongside a myriad of other Riot titles, players have yet to receive much information about the upcoming MMO project.

A direction for the Riot MMO and a release date also remains to be seen. In April, Street even went as far as saying there was “no guarantee” the game would actually ever come out.