Asmongold on why WoW fans aren’t that excited about Dragonflight

The hype doesn't seem to be that high.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Twitch and MMO streamer Asmongold recently explained why he believes there isn’t much hype around Dragonflight, the next World of Warcraft expansion.

Blizzard released the first cinematic trailer for the next World of Warcraft expansion on April 19. The devs have already revealed a lot of content coming to the game in the next expansion, including a new area, a new race class combo, flight system innovations, changes in professions and talents, and more.

Asmongold was quite impressed with what Blizzard is offering in this next expansion, commenting that he was “very excited” about the Expansion Reveal Blizzard video.

But during a recent Asmongold stream, fans pointed out that the new Dragonflight trailer is generating fewer views than past expansion announcement trailers. According to fans, the little more than 2 million views on Dragonflight cinematic trailer is a much smaller figure than that of Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands in the week of their announcements. The decrease in the number of views could indicate that there is less fan hype heading into the next expansion.

According to Asmongold, players are tired of getting fooled by Blizzard, which has made promises of great improvements and changes to the game but delivered the same experience as ever with Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands—an experience that players are already frustrated with. So the majority of players might wait to see if what the game delivers this next time will be worth it, Asmongold says. 

Asmongold also compared Dragonflight to the Legion expansion.

“It’s the same as what happened with Legion,” he said. “It took about a year or so for people to finally try the game out and play it again. I think the same thing could happen with Dragonflight.”

Asmongold said he thinks that Dragonflight will be the expansion in which Blizzard is going to have to earn its audience back. But it’s still far too early to draw definitive conclusions about the success or failure of the upcoming expansion. 

Blizzard hasn’t announced a release date for Dragonflight yet and Shadowlands still has another season to go. But players eager to try the next additions to WoW could sign up for the Dragonflight beta that might be starting soon, releasing the Dracthyr race and Evoker class, new crafting and profession system, talent system revamp, and a lot more.

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