MTG Commander Legends completes Crowd Lands cycle

The cycle is finally complete.

Two years after the release of Battlebond dual lands, better known as Crowd Lands, senior Magic: The Gathering designer Gavin Verhey revealed today a completion to the cycle with the upcoming Commander Legends set. 

The Battlebond set was released in 2018, favoring ally colors, which led to the first cycle of ally Crowd Lands. These dual lands were unique as they “enter the battlefield tapped unless you have two or more opponents.” The original ally Crowd lands from Battlebond were Sea of Clouds, Morphic Pool, Luxury Suite, Spire Garden, and Bountiful Promenade.

Since the release of Battlebond, Verhey has wanted to print the enemy Crowd Lands cycle, which became achievable via Commander Legends.

“The moment I made the original cycle of these, I knew that we’d want to do the others someday,” Verhey said. “Where should they go? Commander Legends was the obvious answer.”

Here are the five enemy Crowd lands contained within Commander Legends:

  • Rejuvenating Springs UG
  • Spectator Seating RW
  • Training Center UR
  • Undergrowth Stadium GB
  • Vault of Champions WB

Each of the lands features artwork from the plane Kylem, revealed first via the Battlebond set. And since the enemy Crowd Lands in Commander Legends are nonlegendary rares, the cycle of dual lands also has extended-art versions as well. 

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Only the enemy Crowd Lands are in Commander Legends, according to Verhey, not reprints of the ally cycle from Battlebond. Players can obtain the enemy Crowd Lands when MTG Commander Legends releases later this year.