MTG Arena reveals improved XP ladder for Mastery System

The rewards ladder shows decent improvements.

Disenchant Art Magic Core Set 2020
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The XP ladder in MTG Arena came under fire upon the release of Core Set 2020, prompting Wizards of the Coast to make a few significant changes. 

Upon the release of the Mastery System and new rewards ladder on MTGA, the community quickly jumped aboard the hate train, and for good reason. Originally, the system only rewarded those who play every day or were willing to spend money (Mastery Pass) to level up for rewards. 

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For a free-to-play game like MTGA, this left a bad taste in many players’ mouths. Listening to the MTG community, WotC updated the Mastery System and has now revealed the changes in greater detail. 

MTGA weekly play breakdown

In the old rewards system, players could earn five free boosters a week by playing (and winning) matches in one day. The Mastery System originally took this away, but it has now returned.

Playing MTGA once a week

  • Playing once a week, a player will reach level 67 (previously level 32).
  • A player can earn 15 wins again in one day and get their five free booster packs.
  • Playing once a week allows a player to complete three quests.

Game on MTGA twice a week

  • A player will reach level 74 (previously level 46).
  • It allows a player to complete four quests a week.
  • A player can earn their 15 wins.

Play MTGA three times a week

  • Players will reach level 94 (previously 90).
  • A player can complete seven quests in a week.
  • A player can earn 15 wins a week.

Reaching these levels doesn’t include XP from codes or events that MTGA will run from now until the release of Throne of Eldraine in the fall.

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Three codes for M20 have been released so far and events like Giant Monsters (taking place this weekend) will earn players an additional 1,000 XP with one win.