Giant Monsters returns to MTG Arena

It’s time to stomp and earn rewards.

Best and worse common and uncommon MTG Core Set 2020 cards
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The Giant Monsters event is returning to MTG Arena this weekend after previously running as Kibbler’s Monsters on MTGA.

Giant Monsters is a simple and fun event to play. Based on constructing decks with large creatures, players “draw a card” any time a creature spell is cast with a mana cost of four or greater. 

The event only has five rounds and allows for two losses. It doesn’t have any huge rewards associated with it, but it’s also cheap to play. Giant Monsters only costs 250 gold or 50 gems, and players can earn up to one Rare and Uncommon card. The maximum gold reward is 300.

  • Zero wins: 50 gold and two cards (least being Uncommon)
  • One win: 100 gold and two cards (least being Uncommon)
  • Two wins: 150 gold and two cards (least being Uncommon)
  • Three wins: 200 gold and two cards (least being Uncommon)
  • Four wins: 250 gold and two cards (least being one Uncommon and one Rare) 
  • Five wins: 300 gold and two cards (least being one Uncommon and one Rare)

Giant Monsters on MTGA is a great event for casual and new players to seasoned veterans looking to take a break from the ranking grind. When constructing a deck, including mana dorks for ramp is key to getting out those big creatures. Elves are a cheap ramp (only costing one mana) while Paradise Druid gives you ramp and color fixing for multicolored decks. 

Other key cards to consider are Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma and Kinjalli’s Caller. Goreclaw reduces the cost of creatures over four mana by two and Kinjalli’s Caller reduces the cost of dinosaur spells by one mana. For removal, Ravenous Chupacabra is one of the most solid cards to include in a deck. 

Giant Monsters kicks off on Friday, July 19 and will only run for a couple of days.