MTG Arena Early Access Kaldheim event now live

Watch streamers play the new set prior to launch.

Kaldheim MTG Feature Poster
Image via WotC

Streamers from around the globe are testing out the new Kaldheim set in Magic: The Gathering for the next 22 hours via the MTG Arena Early Access streamer event. 

Scheduled to release digitally via MTG Arena and MTGO on Jan. 28, the Kaldheim (KHM) set contains a Norse Viking-theme with a number of returning and new mechanics in Magic. Prior to tomorrow’s digital launch, Wizards of the Coast has sponsored the MTG Arena Early Access KHM streamer event, featuring streamers from around the world testing out the new set with unlimited access to every Standard-legal card for Constructed and Limited gameplay. 

Players can check out top Magic streamers like NoxiousLive, corkeyz, AliasV, Amazonian, PowrDragon, and Day9 playing Constructed and Limited throughout the day. For a wide variety of content, viewers can tune into the Twitch Magic page and look for Kaldheim Early Access in a streamer’s title. 

Constructed in KHM features a number of tribal themes, like giants and zombies, along with the returning MTG mechanic Snow. Many of the tribal themes will also carry over into Limited, with builds like BG Elves. The new mechanic Boast will also likely play a major role in Limited via Aggro builds using the colors Red and White. 

The MTG Arena Early Access streaming event will run up until around 10am CT tomorrow. Players can expect the KHM release to go live around 1pm CT on Jan. 28.