Here’s everything coming to MTG Arena in October

Brawl and friend lists are coming next month.

A welcome reprint, indeed.
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

October is a huge month for MTG Arena with a new Magic: The Gathering set kicking off fall rotation and other goodies like Brawl and friends lists. 

The official launch of MTG Arena is just a few days before October. With this historic event comes the release of the Throne of Eldraine (ELD) set, fall rotation in Standard, and a two-part tournament where players can earn free cards. 

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In addition to possibly earning one copy of every card in Standard, the devs have other treats releasing in October, too. 

  • Launch of MTG Arena out of open beta: Sept. 26
  • Throne of Eldraine release: Sept. 26
  • Fall rotation: Sept. 26
  • Play Any Deck event: Sept. 26 to Oct. 1
  • Win Every Card challenge: Oct. 5 to 7
  • Brawl via Direct Challenge: October
  • Brawl Constructed events: October
  • Friends list: October

Brawl and friends list

Brawl is officially coming to MTG Arena but as a soft launch. Sometime in October (dates are unknown at this time), MTGA will launch an official friends list. And with this, players will be able to Direct Challenge one another in the Brawl format. 

On a tournament basis, Brawl will be available once a week as a Constructed event. No days were given, but Sundays seem the most ideal, even though the MTG community would like to see it offered every day. 

Players aren’t interested in rewards or ranked progress with Brawl, just the opportunity to play it with either friends or via random matchups. But rewards are always nice, too.  

In development via MTGA

Coming Soon to MTG Arena via Dev Roadmap
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Beyond the many things coming to MTG Arena in October, the Magic team has its hands full with a development roadmap. This roadmap includes MTGA becoming available to play on Mac, along with friend messaging and a soft launch of the Historic format

Two other sets are already in development as well. These MTG sets are Theros Beyond Death and Ikoria Land of the Behemoths. The team is also working on additional events in MTGA and the idea of sharing a deck with friends for play-test purposes. 

Another concept being tossed around at Wizards of the Coast includes a Cube Draft. If players would like to see the addition of a Cube Draft on MTG Arena, the developers are encouraging feedback from the Magic community.  

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The official launch of MTG Arena is Sept. 26. Players who create an account and log-in prior to the launch will receive numerous rewards.