MTG Arena has a launch date and here’s everything you need to know about it

Rewards, Brawl, new cards—Oh my!

MTG Arena Streamer Event ELD
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

One year after the launch of MTGA into open beta, the ever-popular Magic: The Gathering PC game will launch officially on Sept. 26. And with it comes a host of treats.

MTG Arena will also be releasing it’s newest set to the Standard 2020 format, Throne of Eldraine (ELD) when it launches out of open beta on Sept. 26.

Prior to the launch of MTGA and the release of ELD, Wizards of the Coast has added a special Brawl event that runs from Sept. 4 to Sept. 9. Details surrounding the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event can be found here

While the official launch date of Brawl has yet to be announced, it’ll probably take place shortly after Sept. 26. WotC doesn’t want players building decks prior to Standard rotation. And the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event is likely a test run for the new format—exposing bugs for the devs to fix prior to launch. 

The Sept. 26 MTG Arena date will include the release of Throne of Eldraine, along with several other Grimm Fairy tale goodies.

  • New battlefields with a fairy tale theme
  • Mythic Rare Legendary Creatures with special enter-the-battlefield animations 
  • Renewal rewards for players who log into MTGA Prior to Sept. 26.
  • An Fblthp avatar and card for players who participated in the open beta of MTGA

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Players can also earn ELD cards prior to its release by playing the free Eldraine Courtside Brawl event. In addition, the pre-order of Throne of Eldraine boosters are also available via MTG Arena. The cost is $50 which includes 50 ELD booster packs and one copy of the planeswalker Garruk, Cursed Huntsman