All MTG Dominaria United spoilers from Wizards Presents stream

A return to the plane of Dominaria showcases familiar faces on new cards.

Celebrating 30 years, Magic: The Gathering launches into a year-long celebration starting with the release of Dominaria United.

Slated to release globally on Sept. 9, Dominaria United (DMU) kicks off MTG’s 30-year anniversary celebration, along with the 2022 Standard rotation. All four MTG sets for the 2022-2023 season are tied to the plane of Dominaria. The digital release date for the upcoming Standard-legal set is Sept. 1 and Dominaria United spoilers are slated to start on Aug. 18. 

Liliana of the Veil

Liliana of the Veil

Liliana returns to her home plane of Dominaria in DMU with a reprint of Liliana of the Veil. The MTG card from the Innistrad set showcases new artwork while the text remains the same. Collectors will want to grab the Liliana reprint since all the other Magic reprints of Liliana of the Veil are priced between $50 and $200. Liliana will also have a stained glass and borderless booster fun version in Dominara United.

Sagas return in DMU

Sagas are back in DMU, featuring a new sub-mechanic that allows players to start at the chapter of their choice through Read Ahead.

Kicker mechanic returns to Standard

Kicker was revealed as a returning mechanic during the first DMU spoiler stream, showcasing Temporal Firestorm. Two other cards were shown during the second Magic spoiler stream, highlighting the flexibility of the mechanic and enemy color Kicker options.

Domain mechanic returns

Premiering first in the Invasion set, Domain returns to Standard in DMU. Both Dominaria spoilers shown during the Magic stream were in the color Green.

New DMU Enlist mechanic

Guardian of New Benalia

Enlist is the only new mechanic featured in the DMU set. It’s an attacking mechanic that can have additional effects triggered when activated.

Pain lands

There is a cycle of Pain lands in DMU, featuring six dual-colored lands that can tap for non-colored mana or color mana at the cost of one life point. Each of the Pain lands highlights a geographical location on the plane of Dominaria. The lands also have stained glass versions.

Legendary DMU creatures

The DMU set is packed with legendaries, from the goblin monarch Squee to the villainous Phyrexian Sheoldred the Apocalypse. A total of 20 reimagined legends, like Stangg Echo Warrior, are included in the set as box-toppers. These cards are legal in MTG Eternal formats only.

Precon Commander face cards

There are two preconstructed Commander decks getting released with the global launch of DMU. Jared is the face commander for the Painbow deck, showcasing all five Magic colors. And Dihada is the face commander for the Legends’ Legacy Precon.

All other DMU spoilers from the preview stream

Lightning Strike returns to Standard, showcasing the power of Jaya. Nishoba Brawler is an interesting low-cost creature with Trample that uses the Domain mechanic for added value. And Defiler of Dreams is straight out of a Pyrexian nightmare.

July 21 MTG spoiler stream

A sneak peek at cards within the upcoming MTG set were revealed today, showcasing Jaya as a planeswalker, stain glass booster fun treatment on basic lands, and buy-a-box promos. In addition to the Dominaria United spoilers, WotC also spoiled several Legends Retold box-toppers and promo cards players can get at tabletop events.

Jaya, Fiery Negotiator

Jaya is one of three known planeswalkers within the Dominaria United set. Joining her are Ajani and Teferi. Jaya was also showcased in the Temporal Firestorm art, with Blake Rasmussen teasing a cycle of spells that will showcase allies teaming up.

Temporal Firestorm

Sleeper agents potentially return via Evolved Sleeper and Shivan Devastator is a Hydra with a power and toughness of “X,” along with Flying and Haste.

Obtained as a buy-a-box promo is Llanowar Loamspeaker.

Llanowar Loamspeaker

And stain glass booster fun treatment return to Magic on basic lands, along with a number of other Dominaria United cards that will get revealed during spoiler season.

Releasing with Dominaria United are two Commander Precon decks. Cards will get revealed during the official spoiler season. But WotC did drop the face commander names and MTG colors for each Commander preconstructed deck.

  • Five-color ‘Painbow’ (WUBRG): Commander is Jared Carthalion
  • Three-color Legnends’ Legacy (RWB): Commander is Dihada, Binder of Wills

Players can dive into Dominaria United when the MTG Standard-legal set releases digitally on Sept. 1, along with tabletop pre-release events. And the global release is scheduled to take place on Sept. 9.

All images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering.


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