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How to get Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO

It's the best kind of Sticker you can get in Monopoly GO, but also the hardest one to find.

There’s a saying in Monopoly GO: The best Sticker is the one you’re missing. I’m not sure it’s actually a saying, but I definitely agree.

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That’s what makes Wild Stickers the most valuable in the game: They turn into any Sticker you’re missing. Here’s how to get your hands on one.

Where to find Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO

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They’re a rare resource. Screenshot and remix by Dot Esports.

You can get Wild Stickers in Monopoly GO by collecting 1,000 Stars to open the Gold Vault in your album’s Stickers for Rewards section or as a grand prize from special monthly events like Treasure Hunts and Partner Events.

To unlock the Gold Vault, gather 1,000 Stars worth of duplicate Stickers. You can check your progress by going to the game’s main screen, opening your Album, and tapping the vault icon at the bottom right. If you have enough Stars, tap the button to trade them in for a Wild Sticker. This will use up your duplicate Stickers, but your unique Stickers stay safe in your Album.

Earning a Wild Sticker from events like Sunset Treasures and Hot Rod Partners requires thousands of dice and participation in main events and tournaments to collect the tokens to play them. Consider if the effort and dice you’ll spend are worth the Wild Sticker reward.

What is a Wild Sticker?

A Wild Sticker is a rare Sticker you swap for any other you don’t have yet, from simple one-star Stickers in early sets to rare five-star Gold Stickers in later ones. You can’t trade it for a Sticker you already own.

Once you get a Wild Sticker, you must use it right away; saving it for later isn’t an option. If you’re not ready to use a Wild Sticker, avoid trading in your Stars for a Vault or completing the current special event until you are.

It’s best to use the Wild Sticker when you’re about to complete a set or the whole album, or when the album’s end date is near and you won’t get many more Stickers. Using a Wild Sticker too early might lead to choosing a Sticker you could have gotten from a pack later. If you do use one early in an album, it’s best to pick a rare five-star Gold Sticker from the highest set possible as these are hard to find and can’t be traded for except during Golden Blitz. For instance, in Monopoly Origins, I traded my first Wild Sticker for Let’s GO, a five-star Gold Sticker from set 21.

We’ll keep this article updated as the Monopoly Origins album concludes on March 28.

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