How to watch the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 Singapore

The world championship has whole new calendar.

The Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore has suffered major date changes in the past few days. To ensure players’ health and safety and follow local public health protocols, the play-in stage will now occur on May 28 and the grand finals on May 30. 

These date changes come after a Brazilian player was diagnosed with COVID-19 when he landed in Singapore for the tournament. Many other adjustments were made by Garena due to the pandemic, like the elimination of four Asian teams due to travel restrictions

With a prize pool of $2 million, the biggest ever offered by Garena at a Free Fire championship, the FFWS 2021 Singapore will have teams from 11 regions.

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Here is everything you need to know about the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore.


Nine teams will compete in the play-in stage for the three last posts available in the finals. The top three teams will join the other nine teams in the finals to fight for the title of world champion. 

Both stages will have six matches that will obey the following order: Bermuda, Kahalari and Purgatory. The point system is the same as regional tournaments with every kill worth 1 point. The team that wins the Booyah! in a match will get 12 points, while the second place gets nine points and continues that way in descending order until 11th and 12th, who receive zero points. Tiebreakers will be determined by number of Booyah!s followed by the number of kills.

The MVP of the FFWS 2021 Singapore will be the player from the winning team with the most kills.


Both stages of the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore will be streamed live on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel and all other regional channels starting at 8am CT on May 28 and May 30.



  • Singularity.Invincible (Pro League CIS)
  • DEA (Arab League)
  • vaiXourar (Europe Pro League)
  • LOUD (Brazilian Free Fire League)
  • First Raiders Bravo (Indonesia Masters)
  • God’s Plan (League Latinoamerica)
  • Attack All Around (Pro League Thailand)
  • NEWGANK (Singapore Championship)
  • HQ Esports (Arena of Survival – Vietnam)


  • LGDS (Spring Cup – Taiwan)
  • VIP Esports (Arab League)
  • Silence (Pro League CIS)
  • Fluxo (Brazilian Free Fire League)
  • Geek Fam (MCP Majors – SEA)
  • EVOS Esports ID (Indonesia Masters)
  • Team Aze (League Latinoamerica)
  • EVOS Esports TH (Pro League Thailand)
  • Burst the Sky (Arena of Survival – Vietnam)