Everything you need to know about Free Fire’s new pet Beaston

The pet was officially released at the beginning of the month.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s newest pet Beaston was released with the drop of the OB25 update, which also brought the Operation Chrono event and Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired character Chrono. As other pets in the battle royale, Beaston boosts certain abilities, giving some advantage to players who purchase it.

Beaston comes with the Helping Hand active skill, which increases grenade, gloo wall, flashbang, and smoke grenade throwing distance by 10 percent on level one. Once the player reaches level two, the distance is increased by 20 percent, and on level three by 30 percent.

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The new pet has one skin available, Great White Beaston, which changes his fur to white with gold and black elements. It’s unlocked when Beaston reaches level six.

Beaston also has three available actions: Celebrate, unlocked with level two and occurs when the player kills an enemy or takes a medkit; Play, unlocked with level three; and Show, unlocked with level four, which can be switched on in the command wheel.

For players who like throwing grenades at enemies to force them out of their hiding spots will enjoy having Beaston around. The pet is also a good partner to Alvaro, since his passive ability is to increase explosive damage and range. 

There are some ways to get Beaston added to your pet collection. In the European region, players can win Beaston and other pets or petskins by spinning in Pet Royale until Jan. 20. 

In India, a top-up event is giving the new pet to players with 100 diamonds. They can also win Beaston’s Show emote with 300 diamonds and Glacier petskin with 500 diamonds.

The new pet is finally here! 🐵 Get Beaston for yourself and complete the set with his the Glacier Beaston pet skin and…

Posted by Garena Free Fire on Friday, January 15, 2021

If you’re excited to get Beaston in other regions, be sure to check the news and events section of your Free Fire app.