Bermuda 2.0 to be permanently added back to Free Fire

Bermuda Remastered will be officially back with the OB27 update.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s Bermuda 2.0 map was officially released to all players on Jan. 1. But after a few weeks, it was temporarily removed from the game so that Garena could adjust and optimize the map based on player feedback.

Now, Garena announced that Bermuda 2.0 will be officially and permanently back in Free Fire with the OB27 update coming this week. It will also join the ranked mode on May 7 when the new ranked season starts. The map will even be available in the Clash Squad mode in the battle royale. Players may need to download additional content to access the map.

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Bermuda Remastered was first introduced in July 2020 and brought new cities like Academy, Fisherman Creek, Hydrapower, and Yagami Garden, as well as new buildings and items.

The OB27 update will make its debut in the next few days and will bring many changes to the game, including the fact that players won’t use gold to evolve characters anymore. Now, they’ll need to collect universal fragments that can be exchanged in many situations. Kalahari will also come back to Free Fire as an optional download for players.

In addition, the April 2021 update will introduce the weapon Kord and character Xayne, which will be able to receive 100 HP temporarily and increase damage to Gloo Walls and shields. More information and official patch notes will be released this week with the drop of the OB27 update in Free Fire.