Where to find Petrified Wood in New World

It isn't an everyday crafting item.

Image via Amazon Games

Crafting is a core part of the New World experience and you’ll need these materials even if you don’t do any crafting, mainly for quests. 

While you’ll stumble upon various crafting materials as you’re going on about your day in New World, some of them will be rarer to come by. This is because some crafting materials will have a lower drop rate than others—and Petrified Wood is one of them.

Compared to more common crafting materials, the chances of you running into Petrified Wood will be significantly lower, making players wonder whether the item is even in the game.

To secure Petrified Wood in New World, you’ll need to narrow down your search parameters and focus on finding young, mature, or dead trees. You’ll also want to build up a nice stack of Green Wood as you loot these tree types since it’s the more common drop compared to Petrified Wood.

Players who’d like to increase their chances and reduce the time it takes to loot Petrified Wood can improve their Logging skill. Try increasing your Logging luck as well and you should start running into more Petrified Wood compared to before.

If you can’t seem to find Petrified Wood after hours of searching, it may be a decent idea to take a break and focus on other aspects of the game since you won’t want to wear yourself out while grinding for a crafting item. Players who don’t intend to work on their Logging skills can try asking a friend who may have gone down that road.

Considering the game just got released, players might be more focused on the story and the PvP aspects of the game. Players should slowly branch into crafting, and when that happens, the number of Petrified Wood in circulation should slowly grow alongside other rare items since more players will need them to craft rare items.