What is Lost Ark’s most popular class?

As more players get into the game, a few classes seem to have risen above the rest.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark is available for all players around the globe, and now with more players than ever in the game, you’ll want to work out which class is best for you.

While there is plenty of variety with four Archetypes offering different playstyles and even more class variation within them, you’re spoiled for choice. If you’re after some guidance then perhaps you’ll want to stick with what the majority of players are using.

There’s currently no clear way to know exactly which class is the most popular around the globe but, thanks to Lostarkive, we can see what people are playing on one of Europe’s most populated servers.

Image via Smilegate

There is no concrete answer to this as class preference can differ from server to server, but on Europe’s most popular server, according to Lostarkive, the class that is played more than any other is Assassin, Shadowhunter.

Just over 11 percent of players on the Galatur server are currently playing Shadowhunters, which is half a percent higher than the second most popular class in the Mage, Summoner.

In third place in yet another Assassin class, this time the Deathblade. While two of the most popular classes are part of the Assassin Archetype, the most popular of these was the Gunner, which 21 percent of players on the server are currently running.

The Gunner Archetype has four classes within it, with the most popular of the three being the Gunslinger. The class has garnered 9.3 percent of players. The Sharpshooter, Artillerist, and Deadeye, meanwhile, trail far behind.

Again, these results can differ between servers, but it would seem most likely that the Assasin Shadowhunter is the most popular class in the game right now.