The best Paladin Builds in Lost Ark

The ultimate mix between tank and support.

Image via Smilegate

Though the original version of Lost Ark presents many classes to play, the Western version, which was released on Feb. 11, offers a more limited number of choices. There are five main classes, with several advanced classes to choose from shortly after creating your character.

The Warrior is the tank class of the game and has three advanced classes. While the Berserker and Gunlancer are more focused on dealing heavy damage and tanking hits from enemies, the Paladin uses a support weapon, the holy book, in addition to a tanking weapon.

Here is the best build for the Paladin in Lost Ark.

Best Paladin Builds

PvE build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Charge4/10Excellent Mobility
Executor’s Sword10/10StigmataChallenger’s WillExecutioner’s Strike
Heavenly Blessings10/10FaithValorHeavenly Requiem
Holy Explosion10/10Swift FingersExplosion EnhancementPrepared Explosion
Holy Protection5/10Quick Pace
Holy Sword10/10PositioningWeak Point DetectionCondensed Energy
Light Shock10/10Swift FingersFaithPowerful Shock
Wrath of God10/10AcutenessTenacityExpress Fury

PvP build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Charge5/10Excellent Mobility
Dash Slash4/10Quick Pace
Execution of Justice10/10Rune PrisonStrength ReleaseLight Explosion
Godsent Law10/10ShieldWide-angle AttackGrace
Heavenly Blessings10/10Mind EnhancementPerseveranceHeavenly Reqiuem
Holy Protection10/10Quick PaceRobust ProtectionVow of Light
Holy Sword10/10PropulsionOutburst of LightCondensed Energy
Wrath of God10/10Wide ThunderstrokeThunderExpress Fury

Keep in mind that these builds are just suggestions. In Lost Ark, you can switch the level of skills and their effects whenever you want. This means you can choose one of these builds at first and adjust it after testing it out to adapt it to your personal playstyle.