How to get the Volare island token in Lost Ark

You'll need a bit of luck.

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Released in February, Lost Ark is an MMO game where the players have much to discover. It features an emphasis on exploration, whether it’s in dungeons or the various lands of Arkesia.

There are also many seas to explore, including nearly a hundred islands to discover. They offer many adventures and rewards. The Volare Island is one of them, and it’s not easy to complete. For a start, it’s a rare island because it only appears at random times indicated by the game’s schedule.

The players can collect three Mokoko seeds, complete a questline and earn its Island Soul in Volare. They can earn rewards by redeeming those souls to the Goddess’ statue in Opher, the Lonely Island. Getting this Island Soul can be a lengthy process if you’re out of luck, though. Here is how to earn it.

Getting Volare’s Island Soul token

To complete this island, the players will have to reach it first. You might find it on your map, but you’ll find an empty space in the sea when heading there if its time window haven’t opened yet or already closed. Its recommended average level item is of 250.

Here is how to enter the island.

  • Click on the blue stopwatch at the left of the screen. It’ll open a list of events.
  • Look for the next Volare Island opening and remember that time. If your menu is flooded by content you already completed, you can turn of their alarms to spot the significant events easier.
  • If you can’t make it to the next time window, open your calendar at the top of the screen and look for a time where you’ll be able to log in.
  • When the island is about to appear, open your map by pressing M.
  • Look for the Volare Island in the search bar section. Be sure to zoom out to the world map to see its location.
  • Head there when the time window opens. You can wait a little before it closes, but since you’ll have a co-op quest to complete, it’s a better idea to head there a bit in advance.

Once entered, you’ll be able to complete a co-op quest with the other players on the island. It’ll require you to kill 100 crocodiles and two deadly poison crocodiles. But beware: you can’t kill them using the standard method. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Join a party to make the process easier.
  • Kill clowns and pick up their cannonballs, or pick up the harpoons laying on the map.
  • Sit on a Cannon by pressing G near it.
  • Shoot the crocodiles.

The better your score is, the better are the rewards. You’ll earn a specific number of Secret Chest of Volare after completing the quests, and the Volare Island Soul token is one of its possible rewards. If you get a higher rank, you’ll earn more chests, so join a party and put your luck to the test.