How to find the Dalian Orchard secret area in Lost Ark

Here's how to uncover one of Lost Ark's unmarked objectives.

Image via Amazon Games

During the leveling process of Lost Ark, you’ll pass through the Dalian Orchard on your journey to level 50. While questing in Dalian Orchard, you’ll be given an extra objective to find a secret area in the zone.

Unlike almost every other quest in Lost Ark, the secret area in Dalian Orchard won’t be marked one your map as an objective. Here’s how to find it for yourself. 

To find the Dalian Orchard secret area, start your journey at the Sien Inn. You can easily get there by way of a Triport. Once you’re at the inn, head up the west road until you reach the border of the map. 

You won’t encounter this location naturally while questing in Dalian Orchard, so you’ll have to use the road as your main guide. Don’t waver up or down the road, simply continue on straight until you find a small shack in a cutout valley of rocks. 

Screengrab via Smilegate

Once you’re inside the shack, you’ll speak with Moonshiner Marco—an NPC you’ll meet later in Blackrose Chapel. For now, though, all you have to do is speak with Marco and the secret quest will be complete. Don’t worry about heading back to a quest giver to turn the quest in since there will be an indicator on the right side of your screen to complete the quest via your UI.