All veteran rewards in Final Fantasy XIV

Long-standing players are rewarded.

Image via Square Enix

Like many MMO games, Square Enix rewards the fidelity of Final Fantasy players in several ways. One of them is veteran rewards, which are exclusive items that are offered to players after they reach certain caps of total days subscribed.

There’s no other way to earn these items in the game, which makes them more precious to some players. They include minions, glamours, and other items. The rewards are divided into four levels and a new system has replaced the old one alongside the release of Stormblood. Players can still get the old rewards, though, as well as the new ones.

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Here are all the veteran rewards in FFXIV.

All veteran rewards in Final Fantasy XIV

New veteran rewards

  • Advent attire: 60 subscription days
  • Tantalus attire: 150 subscription days
  • Wild Rose attire: 240 subscription days
  • Leonhart attire: 330 subscription days

Old veteran rewards

The old veteran rewards can still be earned and don’t have a subscription days cap but can be traded for achievement certificates instead. Players can get those certificates by earning achievement points.

Those items are additional to the achievement’s rewards and can be bought from the Master of the Rolls in Old Gridania (X: 10.6, Y: 6.3), near the Amphitheatre. Here are the old veteran rewards you can buy using certificates:

  • Wind-up Cursor minion: two certificates
  • Black Chocobo Chick minion: two certificates
  • Cascadier Uniform Voucher for swimwear glamours: two certificates
  • Beady Eye minion: two certificates
  • Minion of Light: two certificates
  • Wind-up Leader minion: two certificates
  • Black Mage Barding: three certificates
  • Behemoth Warhorn mount: six certificates
  • Wind-up Warrior of Light minion: two certificates
  • Barding of Light: three certificates
  • Wind-up Gilgamesh minion: two certificates
  • Wind-up Odin: two certificates
  • Goblin Cap: one certificate
  • Wind-up Goblin minion: two certificates
  • Wind-up Nanamo minion: two certificates
  • Fat Chocobo Head: one certificate
  • Wind-up Firion minion: two certificates
  • Wild Rose Barding: three certificates
  • Enquire Within furniture: three certificates