All Mokoko Seed locations in Gray Hammer Mine dungeon in Lost Ark

It'll take quite some time to get them all.

Lost Ark has come to the West, bringing several years worth of content to another part of the world. It has everything MMO fans could ask for, and its fresh hack-and-slash gameplay offers a game experience different from other games of the genre.

But some other elements are traditional to the genre, such as collectibles. They are a significant source of farming, which will please the players who like this aspect in particular.

The Mokoko seeds are the epitome of those farming elements. There are 1,209 of them to collect in the game in total, offering various rewards when players collect certain amounts of them. You can get those rewards by heading to the Mokoko Village.

Here are the locations of Mokoko seeds in the Gray Hammer Mine dungeon in Lost Ark.

All Mokoko Seed locations in Gray Hammer Mine dungeon

Screengrab via Smilegate | Remix via Eva Martinello

This dungeon will be very long to complete regarding Seeds since there are 12 of them to collect in total and many are hidden behind secret walls. Certain secret passages are, in addition, quite tricky to find.

The two seeds outside the path on the East side of the dungeon can be accessed by finding the secret passage right on the South part of the path.

For the rest, you’ll have to eliminate the nearby enemies or destroy obstacles to reveal the seeds.