All game modes in New World explained

There will be plenty to try on launch.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon’s entry into the MMO genre New World was set to launch back in August 2020. But a year of new additions made to the game ahead of its new release date of August 2021 has seen it get completely rebuilt.

With plenty of changes, some of the biggest are the introduction of new game modes. Outside of the standard MMO gameplay, New World endeavors to offer fresh MMO experiences to players.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the game modes that will launch when the game enters beta testing later this week.

All game modes in New World

Image via Amazon Studios


In the world of Aternum, there are expeditions that groups of five players can embark on. These function similarly to dungeons in other MMOs, but with some added features like puzzles to break up the combat. At the end of these unique instances, there are some of the most challenging bosses New World has to offer. Completing an expedition often requires a balanced party of skilled players with enough damage, tanking, and healing to survive.

Outpost Rush

One of the newer additions, Outpost Rush is an endgame mode that blends both PvP aspects along with PvE. Two teams of 20 players face off, competing to maintain control of three outposts around the map. Along with capturing outposts and defending against other players, gathered resources can be used to fortify and build up the defense of captured outposts. There are other objectives players can work toward capturing around the map that will grant buffs for their team.


Invasion is the largest PvE experience in New World. This wave-based game mode will see 50 players defend their fort from the onslaught of corrupted enemies sieging the area. Players will have a range of weapons to help them fight off the enemy, with the ultimate test being the Void Destroyer. To win, players will need to hold off the attack for 30 minutes. But if they’re unsuccessful, their territory will be downgraded.


Alongside the massive PvE experience that is Invasion, War is the biggest PvP experience in New World on launch. The 50-vs-50 game mode will function similarly, with the defenders attempting to hold their fort for 30 minutes while attackers look to break down the gates and capture it. Both attackers and defenders have a range of siege weapons to help them in combat. The winner will gain control of the territory.