All currencies in Lost Ark, explained

Lost Ark has a plethora of coins and crystals to acquire and sort.

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Lost Ark is notoriously bloated with currencies. There are currencies acquired through in-game activities, currencies only available via the in-client store, currencies you can only use to make purchases with other players, currencies that are only acquirable with real-world money, and even some currencies that technically aren’t currencies but are still classified as currencies by Lost Ark because they fall under the “currency” tab of your inventory. So yeah, there’s obviously a lot to take in. 

Throughout your travels in Arkesia, you’ll be endlessly converting currencies while trying to manage your inventory of coins, stones, and crystals. Although it’s overwhelming at first, a bit of practice and experience goes a long way in realizing that the conversion rates for Lost Ark’s currencies aren’t nearly as complicated as they appear to the naked eye. 

Here are all of the currencies and coins you’ll encounter while playing Lost Ark


The main currency you’ll encounter throughout your travels in Arkesia, Silver is used to purchase materials, make deals with vendors, and travel from location to location via Ocean Liners and Triports. It can be acquired in great amounts by completing simple activities, including completing quests, running dungeons, and slaying monsters.  


Gold is used to purchase gear, consumables, and practically any tradeable item available between players. While Silver is the currency you’ll be using to make deals with NPCs, gold is used mainly for transactions between players. Gold can be earned easily by high-level players through completing raids, quests, as well as weekly and daily Una tasks.


Crystals are used to acquire in-game items from the store. Crystals can be acquired by completing in-game activities such as achievements and quests. They can also be purchased from the store with Royal Crystals or Gold. 

Royal Crystals

Royal Crystals are only available to be acquired through purchases with real-life money. They’re used to buy cosmetic and convenience items such as mounts, skins, and Crystalline Auras. 

Phoenix Plumes

Phoenix Plumes aren’t technically used as a currency, although the game does classify them as one in your inventory. They’re used to resurrect instantly after your character dies in combat and can be acquired through quests or the in-game store. 

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Pirate Coins

Pirate Coins are used to purchase materials to upgrade your armada of ships. From blueprints to crewmates, Pirate Coins will be the most valuable currency in your inventory while sailing the seas of Arkesia. They are obtained by completing quests on the various islands found across the world of Lost Ark.  

Providence Stones

Providence Stones are used to buy Rapport items from Nada in Luterra Castle, which are then used to increase your Rapport rank with NPCs of your choosing. Completing quests and defeating rare monsters will reward you with Providence Stones. 

Sylmael Bloodstones

Sylmael Bloodstones are acquired by completing activities for your guild. You can turn these Bloodstones into items, silver, or Honing materials at the Royal Guard in Vern Castle. 


Pheons are used to purchase rare items including gear and consumables from the Auction House. Whenever you purchase a high-end piece of gear with gold, you’ll sometimes need Pheons to complete the transaction, depending on the quality of the gear. 

Harmony Shards

Harmony Shards are a must-have currency for players looking to upgrade their gear as the Honing system cannot be used without a certain number of Harmony Shards in your inventory. It’s not rare to have tens of thousands of Harmony Shards in your inventory at once, as they’re easily obtainable from dungeons and raids.