Play new Legends of Runeterra cards with Discover Targon Lab

Choose from six preconstructed decks.

Legends of Runeterra Targon Region
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed a new Lab coming to Legends of Runeterra today titled Discover Targon, celebrating the release of Call of the Mountain

Scheduled to go live on Aug. 26, CoM features seven new champions and 89 cards. A total of 51 of those cards are from the Targon region, an eighth region being added to LoR. Discover Targon is a Lab that will feature six preconstructed decks for players to test out “new cards and strategies,” according to the LoR team

Image via Riot Games

Here are the six preconstructed Tagon decks and a brief description of each, according to the LoR team.

  • Friends Forever: A build using the Support keyword.
  • Crystalline Strength: Combine Noxian forces with Targonian buffs to Overwhelm your enemies. 
  • Blaze Of Glory: Use the keyword Daybreak.
  • Align The Stars: Unleash the power of Targon’s Dragons and Celestial units.
  • Lurking Darkness: A build using the keyword Nightfall
  • Star Ramp: A deck using mana ramp in Freljord.

There are four champions being added with the Targon region: Leona, Diana, Taric, and Aurelion Sol. Three champions were also added to existing regions: Nocturne (Shadow Isles), Trundle (Freljord), and Lulu (Ionia). Riot has yet to reveal champions that are featured in the preconstructed builds or a detailed decklist of units and spells. 

With the addition of CoM comes a new Region Road for Targon, along with extensions to existing regions, such as Shadow Isles, Ionia, and Freljord. Extensions have been increased to level 29. Riot is also offering new and returning players a chance to earn extra XP for completing the first 12 levels of non-Targon Region Roads. 

A Ranked reset will occur with the launch of CoM. And new Challenges will also get added, allowing players to earn extra XP toward the Weekly Vault. Similar to the release of Rising Tides, players will drop in rank via the Ranked reset.

  • Master accounts will drop eight divisions.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (Seven divisions plus 50LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (Six divisions plus 75LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

There are also several updates taking place regarding Masters LP

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Masters players to lose fewer LP than intended when losing to lower-ranked opponents.
  • Updated the initial seeding mechanism for new Masters players to anchor based on their MMR percentile relative to all other players in Masters.

Targon and the new CoM cards will go live via LoR on Aug. 26 around 1pm CT.