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cat finding bird nest in little kitty big city
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Little Kitty, Big City Sticky Business: All old birds nests locations

A feather in the cap.

Old bird nests are one of the many collectibles in Little Kitty, Big City, and to complete the Sticky Business Cat-chievements, you need to track down and destroy all 10 locations.

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It’s a big city, and with a big city comes many tasks. Aside from the overarching to-do list filled with objectives, there are bones to find, soccer balls to kick, and old bird nests to locate in Little Kitty, Big City.

The bird nests, in particular, are well-spaced out, making them tricky to find. We’ve done a flyover of the map and found all 10 of them.

Every old bird nest location in Little Kitty, Big City

birds nests in big kitty little city
We did it, and so can you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

How I found every nest probably differs slightly from how you’ve progressed in Little Kitty, Big City. Nevertheless, this path should coincide with natural progression in the game—and how you’ve increased climbing stamina for your cat.

Old bird nest location No. 1

For the first nest, head to the area shown on the map. It’s near one of the main nap spots, and to reach the nest, you need to do some climbing. You should see an obvious path via obstacles to climb. You won’t need to climb the vines as it requires a lot of stamina. Instead, keep walking along, and you can jump up until you reach the sign shown above—and the nest is hidden behind it.

Old bird nest location No. 2

The second spot is right next to the Construction Site. Behind the site, you can climb small vines to hop over the wall—avoid the dog. Up against the wall is an easy platforming section with a bunch of ventilation boxes in a row. Briskly stroll down them and jump across to the final one to encounter the nest.

Old bird nest location No. 3

For location three, we need to return to the beginning area of the game—which you do courtesy of a Tanuki fast travel point. Here, climb the greenhouse, walk to the end of the planks, and you need to execute a perfectly placed jump to reach the nest.

Old bird nest location No. 4

Climb up the blue bin night next to the purple soccer goal location, then the vending machine, and your path is signposted by a couple of pink rags on the edge of ledges. Climb up and walk down the ledge (shown in the picture above), and the nest is there. Easy peasy.

Old bird nest location No. 5

This is one of the hardest nests to reach in all of Little Kitty, Big City. The easiest way to reach it without having maximum stamina is to ascend the truck at the base of the building. From there, climb the boxes, run along the pipe, and wait for the fans to stop so you don’t get zipped off to kingdom come. Go around the corner, climb the vines, drop down onto the left pipe, turn the corner, climb up and over, and make your way to the end.

Once you’ve reached the corner, drop down onto four small cables next to each other, walk along the vent, and keep climbing up. Walk back to the original building and ascend more ventilation boxes (marked with blue cloth). And once again, climb up. Eventually, you should reach solid ground featuring a mini-golf putting green. Just past the green, you can see the billboard (as shown above), and it’s right at the edge of the building.

Old bird nest location No. 6

In contrast, this one is much easier. Go to our cat icon located on the map, jump on the red car, climb the vines, and the next is literally behind the back of the billboard. Boom. Done. Next one.

Old bird nest location No. 7

To start this one, Crawl through a gap next to a vending machine in a little side street. Scale the Vines inside the area and walk along the pipes. Turn the corner, and you can actually knock off the blue soccer ball. For the old bird nest, though, jump the gap, and follow the natural path upward, jumping and climbing. Step onto a pipe that turns the corner, run to the end, and the nest is there to Swipe at.

Old bird nest location No. 8

Give the Shiba its dog bone and climb the crates with your cute kitty. Hop the gap, make your way around the corner, and the nest is in plain sight as one of the easier ones to find in Little Kitty, Big City.

Old bird nest location No. 9

Opposite the Construction Site’s gated entrance, you need stamina to climb two lots of vines. Start with the vines next to the water, and settle on the white unit to regain your breath. Up you go again, and don’t stop until you reach the top. Reach the stairs at the top, walk up the white ramp, and jump to the adjacent roof. The nest is on top of the vent, protruding upward.

Old bird nest location No. 10

Rounding things off is nest No. 10, and we first need to head to where the Crow first bestowed us the ability to climb vines—after rounding up 25 Shinies. Climb over the wall, scale the large vine wall, and walk along the cables to the building behind you. Walk along—following the vines—and climb up them at the end of the wall. Reach the top, Crawl through the space, and enter the house. Now, jump through the window in the kitchen, and the nest is on your immediate right to wrap things up!.\

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