When will EUW League of Legends servers come back online?

Server issues were preventing EUW players from jumping into the Rift.

Image via Riot Games

European League of Legends players were on the receiving end of some bad luck today.

The Riot Games Support Twitter informed fans that devs are investigating the cause of server issues in EUW. Though ranked queues have been disabled, it appears servers are completely down as well. Players are reporting trouble logging in, issues in the post-game lobby, and the inability to even get into a custom match.

When will the EUW servers come back online?

Riot has yet to provide a timeline for when the servers will be up and running again.

Many fans believe the upcoming Clash tournament is the culprit. The event is a big undertaking that will be played by thousands of participants. With Riot needing to make adequate preparations, it could be a potential reason for the server problems. But Riot has yet to confirm or provide reasoning behind the issue.

Update 6:42pm CT: Riot Games Support has tweeted that European servers have begun working again. Support will continue to monitor the servers’ functionality, though.