TSM Legends director Andrew White leaves the organization after six years

Who will take White's place as the Director of TSM Legends?

Image via TSM FTX

Another longtime TSM member has parted ways with the organization. TSM Legends director Andrew White left his position today after six years with TSM.

White joined TSM back in 2015 as a video producer for TSM Legends, the organization’s documentary web series. Since then, he has become one of the organization’s longest-tenured staff members and has progressed up the content hierarchy, reaching the position of director of TSM Legends. Throughout this six-year tenure, he has worked across 10 esports titles and directed 89 episodes of TSM Legends.

The TSM Legends series let fans vicariously experience the LCS team’s journey through hardships and victories, capturing players’ “private moments and struggles.”

“I wanted fans to feel those struggles themselves,” White said, “so when the immense relief of victory finally arrived, they could share at that moment and understand the difficulty and effort required to succeed. And maybe use those feelings to drive them, help them aspire to something of their own.”

TSM has become one of League of Legends’ most successful franchises. The organization is backed by eight Worlds appearances, seven LCS split titles, and a perfect LCS playoffs attendance streak. That perfect LCS playoffs attendance could change in 2022, though. TSM’s League team are 1-8 in the LCS 2022 Spring Split and in sole possession of 10th place. 

With just nine games left in the LCS 2022 Spring Split, TSM will look to make a second-half resurgence in Week Five starting with FlyQuest on March 5.

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