Top Esports beat DRX to end LCK’s undefeated streak at Worlds 2020

The mid Nocturne pick from Knight shut down DRX's plan.

Photo via Riot Games

Top Esports took down the LCK’s second seed, DRX, today to stay unbeaten at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

DRX actually held a gold lead throughout most of the early game. But TES’ JackeyLove took the matter into his own hands with his Senna pick and put a stop to DRX’s masterplan.

The match began with a heavy focus on the top side of the map by DRX to snowball their Quinn against Top’s Renekton. At first, it was quite successful with Renekton losing a lot of experience and gold. But TES responded with heavy action toward the bottom side to shut down the Draven, which was an uncharacteristic pick for legendary ADC Deft.

TES kept securing drakes while giving away towers to DRX, clearly prioritizing the Dragon Soul over any other objectives. The Nocturne pick from TES mid laner knight was perfect in this regard. His ultimate allowed TES to safely secure objectives while also shutting down any attempts from DRX to splitpush.

Once TES secured the Mountain Dragon Soul, they became unstoppable. DRX’s composition simply couldn’t deal with them. Led by JackeyLove with his AoE invisibility, TES secured the win after a 32-minute ace.

TES will face Unicorns of Love tomorrow at 6am CT and are looking to finish the first round-robin undefeated. DRX, on the other hand, will face FlyQuest, the first NA team to secure a victory in the main event of Worlds 2020.