Top Esports take down winless Victory Five in 2021 LPL Summer Split

Knight was the player of the series after two strong carry performances.

Photo via Riot Games

Top Esports continued their dominant performance in the 2021 LPL Summer Split today by defeating Victory Five in a quick 2-0 series.

Going into this League of Legends match, all odds were against V5, who have failed to win a single series yet during this split. After losing most of their players during the offseason, they look lost and out of sync, while their opponents only got stronger.

Knight picked up both MVP votes for his stellar performances on two carry champions, Sylas and Viego. The mid laner was regarded as one of the best players in the LPL last year but failed to show that same dominance during the Spring Split. He’s slowly returning to his 2020 form now, though, where he annihilated all opponents with ease in the mid lane.

This series opened up with a strong draft from Top, who secured Viego, Sylas, and Kalista. These three champions have a high presence rate in the LPL since they’re perfect for the bloodbath style of the region. The early game wasn’t that impressive from Top, with most members opting to farm instead of going for aggressive plays. But once the match got to teamfights, all of Top’s players looked much better compared to their opponents. Knight, in particular, on Sylas was able to use his opponent’s ultimates to dominate fights and help his team secure the first win of the series.

In the second match, Top adjusted their draft after their opponents banned away key picks like Sylas and Kalista. This time, they opted for a Kog’Maw and Lulu composition with a powerful frontline in Nocturne alongside Viego. V5 had the upper hand early on while Top’s composition scaled. They secured a couple of towers early and built a small gold lead, but that didn’t matter once Top got their composition online and started grouping up. V5 had a dive-heavy composition and once their engages failed, they were basically sitting ducks waiting for Top to finish them off. After picking up the Baron once it spawned, Top were able to secure the quick 2-0 series win.

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Top (5-2) will be back on the Rift against Suning (3-4) on Sunday, July 11. While Suning have had a couple of decent games during the split, they’ve looked much weaker compared to the previous split. It’s unlikely that they’ll be able to stand their ground against Top, who have been on a tear lately.

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