Get ready for Teamfight Tactics with this champion tier list

Blitz ranked all the champions in League's newest game mode.

Image via Riot Games

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Teamfight Tactics, the latest game mode for League of Legends, goes live on the PBE tomorrow. It’s a pretty far cry from every other game mode that Riot has produced so far, and though it uses current League champions, they behave very differently in this mode.

To help new players get a lay of the land, Blitz Esports has produced a tier list ranking the champions in Teamfight Tactics. Just like any game mode, there are S-Tier champions like Yasuo and Miss Fortune. The site is a bit buggy for now, so you might need to refresh the page if the champion names and icons don’t match.

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The special thing about Teamfight Tactics is that each champion has a class and an origin, which is also displayed on the tier list. Classes are similar to the classes on Summoner’s Rift, like Assassin or Brawler. Origins relate to the champions’ lore and background—for example Yordles.

Creating a team of champions that are of the same class or origin creates synergies that buff the team in the game. In this way, the tier list is only a guide, because each champion you field affects the relative value of the other champions. So even if Zed is at the top of the tier list now, he may not be that strong for your team if a ninja assassin isn’t what you’re building for.

Be sure to check out Teamfight Tactics when it’s released on the PBE tomorrow. Anyone with the League PBE client will be able to play the mode.