Team Liquid’s Bwipo earns kill in dicey tower dive during LCS in-house match

Bwipo is already looking sharp as ever in his return to the top lane.

Photo via Riot Games

Newly signed Team Liquid top laner Bwipo showed off his skills in a friendly in-house game between LCS players yesterday, outplaying three opponents by avoiding certain death in a one-vs-three tower dive. The preseason League of Legends game was streamed on the personal Twitch channel of LCS shoutcaster Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines. 

In an exhibition game featuring LCS players, Bwipo, who was playing Shen in the game, was facing a tower dive situation with Evil Geniuses support Vulcan, Cloud9 jungler Blaber, and former CLG mid laner rjs all gathering around the TL top laner. Bwipo quickly repositioned himself under his tower, setting himself up for a three-man taunt with Shen’s Shadow Dash (E). 

The three assailants turned the fight around, executing the dive to a point where Bwipo was brought to within an inch of his life. Still, Bwipo survived the last tick of potential damage with a perfectly timed Ki Barrier (P). 

The shield from Shen’s passive gave Bwipo just enough time to reposition himself once again and secure a kill on rjs, in addition to his 400 gold bounty.  

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Bwipo’s team went on to lose the game, as well as the best-of-five series by a score of three games to one.

Bwipo was officially acquired by Liquid on Nov. 22. He’s set to compete in the LCS next year alongside jungler Santorin, mid laner Bjergsen, AD carry Hans sama, and support CoreJJ.

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